Remedial massage

Remedial massage uses clinical assessment and reasoning to address specific issues using a variety of techniques, e.g. deep tissue, myofascial release and trigger point release.

Dry needling

A dry needling treatment uses acupuncture needles to elicit twitch responses in the targeted muscles. This commonly results in reduced pain, increased range of motion and decreased muscle tension. Dry needling is gaining in popularity with better results in less amount of time.

Sports massage

Developed with the athlete in mind, sports massage aims to help the body achieve optimal performance. Pre-event massages prepares the tissues for action, post-event aims to reduce any negative effects derived from the exertion, and during training it addresses any issues that may prevent optimal performance.

Swedish massage is the type of Western massage everyone thinks of when they hear massage. Its goal is to relax the entire body, usually with what is called a full-body massage. Swedish massage is less invasive than remedial massage, even with the advanced techniques that have been developed recently. This is a choice when you just want relaxation or relieve some anxiety.

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