As most treatments consist of a combination of different treatment types, there is a standard price for the following treatments:

Remedial Massage, Dry Needling, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Myo-fascial Release and (Swedish) Relaxation Massage

15 min

  • Only as a follow-up
  • Very specific to one area

30 min

  • Only as a follow-up
  • Focused on one area

45 min

  • Can be used as initial appointment
  • In-depth focus on one area

60 min

  • The best choice for an initial apointment
  • Perfect for an in-depth treatment of one condition, e.g. shoulder or back

90 min

  • Recommended if you have two or more complaints that need attention
  • Can be used for an initial treatment in more complex cases

Rebates available for all private health funds

20% Discount For All Students and Seniors

Get 10% Off When You Purchase A 10 Pack

10 regular treatments Discounted 10 pack You save
15 min $390 $351 $39
30 min $720 $648 $72
45 min $990 891$ $99
60 min $1190 $1071 $119
90 min $1640 $1476 $164

If in doubt please contact the practice so we can help you make the best choice. There is no extra charge for initial appointments, however, the actual treatment time may be less.

Spread the joy of a great massage treatment with friends and family. Choose from 60 or 90 min sessions, and receive the voucher either by email or get a physical copy.

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