About Me

Massage is not simply what I do, but a passion of mine. Since the first time I have given a professional massage under the guidance of a gifted teacher I have been well and truly hooked. Every time I provide a treatment I am amazed at what it can do to improve my client’s health and well-being.

Most of my clients are return customers, which is probably the best compliment they can give me and clearly shows that something is working. The fact that I make their health and well-being my topmost priority during their treatments certainly helps as well.

Sascha Wolter Portrait

My Treatment Philosophy

My view on what a good massage session should look like has changed significantly during my studies for remedial massage. Beforehand, my main goal is to provide a relaxing experience, applying the learned techniques in the prescribed order as best as I could, and staying away from causing pain in my clients as much as possible. Please do not get me wrong: a good Swedish massage is a fantastic thing, both therapeutic and relaxing.

Now I call my clients patients, and instead of aiming for a relaxing time during the massage, it is the relaxation after the massage that counts. “Relaxation” in this case means improved range of motion, pain relieve, smoother muscle tone, better posture, and much more. The massage session has become a treatment of specific symptoms and underlying causes a patient may present with. Analysis and clinical reasoning are the driving force, adjusting the treatment to each patient at that specific time and place of treatment. Tools such as dry needling and cupping have gained in importance to treat conditions from different angles.

My overall goal is the long-term improvement of a patient’s well-being. The keyword here is long-term. To achieve this, my treatments resemble more a session with a physiotherapist or chiropractor with regards to their intend, although my focus of course is primarily on soft tissue, e.g. muscle and fascia. I have seen some amazing achievements and great results with this approach, which clearly shows that I am on to something and it’s working. The fact that you won’t get much relaxation while you are on my table is a minor nuisance I can put up with, as long as you are feeling much better afterwards.


Diploma of Remedial Massage

80hrs Dry Needling course (CPD Health Courses, Dr. W Mahmoud)

Masterclass Dry Needling (CPD Health Courses, Dr. W Mahmoud)